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Quartete a Tete

Saturday October 27th
Celtic Traditions

3721 West 10th Ave.
Doors open 7:15 pm   Admission $20.00

Sold Out Tonight.

Call 604-222-2299 for reservations

Quartête à Tête

Quartête à Tête
Lynn McGown, Michael Pratt, Michael Viens and Vanessa Kay

Lynn Mcgown and Michael Pratt have an infectious love of singing that has delighted audiences in Vancouver for forty years. They sing with a wonderful sense of fun, passion and with harmonies both beautiful and unique.
Michael Viens joined Quartête à Tête five years ago for the Walk for Peace concert and brought his wonderfully versatile guitar playing and bass voice that adds a rich depth to the harmonies.
Vanessa Kay on fiddle brings a beautiful gift for improvisation and a driving energy for fiddle tunes to the quartet.

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