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We are now the Open Door Music School.

Come and Join in the Music

           Open the door and imagine the years of pleasure that playing an instrument can bring to your life. The rich tones of the violin, the tinkle of the piano key or guitar jamming with friends. We are here to bring those dreams to life. Let this be your home for music lessons in Vancouver.

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Open Door Clarinet and Tin Whistle Lessons Vancouver

Mike Brown weaves his Whistle and Clarinet Lessons around the idea that music should be enjoyable and goals should determine where the lessons lead, whether it’s to play for fun and perform for friends, to enter a competition, or to form a group and play in public! Mike Brown likes to explore the sound the instrument produces. Technique, sheet music reading, style, ear training, theory, history, improvisation, all play their part; whether the student tackles them individually or they are weaved into a well rounded musical experience.

Open Door Bodhran Lessons Vancouver

Michael Viens has taught Bodhran lessons in Vancouver at Celtic Traditions School of Music, now re imagined  as the Open Door Music School for the past 15 years. Michael is an all round musician who plays Bodhran, Guitar, Harmonica and has a great ear for harmonies perfected as a member of the acapella group The Meloids. Michael brings this wealth of  experience to each of his lessons to tailor each guitar lesson to the style and ability of his student.
Michael is a stalwart member of the local Celtic music scene since joining the local Celtic band Blackthorn in 1995. With Blackthorn, he has recorded four CDs and performed at Concerts, Celtic Festivals, Scottish Highland Games and Irish and Scottish Ceilidhs throughout the Pacific Northwest. He has also performed with the local band Quartete a Tete and has appeared as a guest artist with the North Shore Celtic Ensemble, Laudate Singers and Capilano University Choir.