We have a wide selection of light warm Mohair Blankets and Lambswool Throws in a multitude of colours that are perfect for keeping you warm or bringing warmth to a room. Ideal wedding gifts or a suitable gift for any occasion. 

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Hanly Blanket 1
Hanly Mohair Ideal for Bed or Sofa

Hanly Mohair 1
Mohair Blanket

Hanly Mohair 2
Mohair Blanket

Hanly Mohair 3
Mohair Blanket

Lambs Wool 1
Lambswool Throw

Lambs Wool 2
Lambswool Throw

Lambs Wool 3
Lambswool Throw

Lambswool Throw on Bed
Hanly Lambswool Throw for Bed or Sofa