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Year: 2014
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Lynn McGown    Vocals

Michael Pratt       Vocals, Concertina, Fiddle

Vanessa Kay        Fiddle Harmony Vocals

Craig McGregor   Guitar

Michael Viens      Guitar  Harmony Vocals ( Images, Soul )

Sid Perez              Bass   ( Tamlin )

Produced by Michael Pratt and Lynn McGown

Sound Engineer  Sid Perez

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Mainline Sound Studios

Cover Design Michael Pratt.  The Celtic Q’s  Polly Wilson

Cover Layout  Calvin Wray at Creative Juice

A heartfelt thank you to all of our family, friends and the wonderful musicians who have supported us and are such an important part of our lives.

Track 1       Teaming up the Caribou Road

“We can beat the weather if we all pull together” Is the spirit of this song and our musical community in Vancouver. This song was collected by Phil Thomas.

Track 2        Images

I wrote this song about the timeless images we hold in our minds and hearts of people past and present.

Track 3        The River Mother Nature and Me

Picture yourself by a river feeling at one with the nature around you “If your heart needs healing go down to the river”

Track 4          Raglan Road

Patrick Kavanagh’s beautiful poetry and song of love won and lost in Dublin

Track 5     Lynn’s Lilt / The Road to Kitsilano

Lynn’s Lilt is a waltz I wrote in a quiet place thinking of my loving partner. The Road to Kitsilano a reel I wrote after another house move.

Track 6     Days like This

Time passing, memories and seasons changing. The stuff of our lives written by Hilda Thomas and her beautiful song lives on.

Track 7    Icarus

Anne Lister uses this Greek Myth to remind us it is better to have tried and lost than never to have tried at all. So go for your dreams.

Track 8     If ( Dueling Paranoias )

Peter and Lou Berryman in all their songs capture the humour of our everyday lives and thoughts.

Track 9   Ready for the Storm

Whatever storms we encounter, real or imagined Dougie MacLeans metaphor for the difficulties in our lives is a powerful message.

Track 10   Bonny Portmore

A traditional song about the deforestation of Ireland, it is still relevant today around the world. Some ones Bonny Portmore is being cut down today in BC or the Amazon.

Track 11   Our Town

Iris Dementes song of nostalgia about the ever changing townscapes.

Track 12   When the Cats Away / Stanleys Riot

Two reels I wrote when I had some serious alone time and the when Vancouver lost the Stanley cup hockey game final. Riots not allowed for real causes!!!!!!

Track 13   I’m So Lonesome I could Cry

Hank Williams captures the images that so evoke the emotions when we feel lonely.

Track 14   Hallelujah

Now part of the Canadian musical tradition. Leonard Cohen’s journey of love with a hall full of people singing gives us goosebumps of joy.

Track 15   Tamlin

This traditional ballad over four hundred years old is still so relevant today. A story of disobedience, jealousy, courage and triumph, plays like a modern day blockbuster movie.