Welcome to Celtic Traditions 3721 West 10th Ave. Vancouver. Est. 1999

Celtic Traditions retail is now closed.

Thank you all for making the sale such a success.

We only have two sweaters left and they will be

mounted on the wall as a memento.

Please check out our music page as our

studios and lessons are continuing.

The new Open Door Music Centre will open April 1st.

For lessons please phone 604-222-2299  

Music School

Music School Poster 1
We offer a friendly and enjoyable opportunity for students to experience the pleasure of learning and playing music.



Quartete a Tete
at Celtic Traditions
3721 West 10th Ave.
Saturday October 27th
Sold Out
Call 604-222-2299


Lynn Workshop
Sing Your Heart Out
Vocal Workshop
at Celtic Traditions
3721 West 10th Ave.
Sunday Feb. 25th
2:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Registration $50.00
Call 604-222-2299



Come in and check out our many recordings of Traditional and Contemporary music.
You can also buy online here at Celtic Traditions