The Blackthorn Band

Saturday Nov 4th
Celtic Traditions

3721 West 10th Ave. Vancouver.
Doors open 7:15 pm
Admission $20.00
Call 604-222-2299 for Reservation

Blackthorn 2017 Celt Trad

Blackthorn features four talented musicians, three of whom share lead vocals, bringing a refreshing diversity of character to the group’s exciting sound and all four contribute a mastery of a colourful variety of instruments. The results of their collective musical backgrounds, skills and experience are witnessed in the entertaining performances they give to audiences of all ages.
Blackthorn’s extensive repertoire is rooted in the musical traditions of Scotland and Ireland as well as the folk music of English and French Canada. Their repertoire has expanded to include creative original compositions that reflect the influences of these traditions. From lively jigs and reels, to songs with rousing choruses and heart-wrenching airs and ballads, savour the melodies and intricately woven harmonies that bring this music to life in a new way, mixed with humour and above all else, fun.

Quartête à Tête

Friday Oct 20th
Mount Seymour United Church

1200 Parkgate Avenue.
North Vancouver
Doors open 7:00 pm        Warm up  7:30 pm
Feature ( Quartete a Tete ) 9:00 pm
Call 604-363-5370 for Information

“Quartete a Tete are Lynn Mcgown and Michael Pratt who have brought their infectious love of singing to delighted audiences in Vancouver for thirty five years. Vanessa Kay on fiddle brings a beautiful gift for improvisation and a driving energy for fiddle tunes to the quartet and Michael Viens brings his wonderful Celtic guitar back up and deep harmony voice to the mix.
They have played at The Vancouver Folk Music Festival four times, various concerts and Folk Clubs throughout Canada and the British Isles.
“They sing with a wonderful sense of fun, passion and with harmonies both beautiful and unique “ The Vancouver Fold Festival 2004.
Their music is contemporary, traditional and originals songs that entertain, delight and always touch the heart with an uncanny way of getting a crowd singing full throttle. In the words of the late Utah Phillips on stage at Van. Folk Festival “you gotta hear these folks they are the real thing!”

Quartete a Tete 2014

Quartete a Tete

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